Bang! the Robot
Bang new cover
Developer(s): Dragon Vomit Studio
Genre: Platformer
Game modes: Single player, Multiplayer
Preceded By:
Followed By: Bang! the Robot and the Big Bang
Bang! the Robot is the first installment in the Bang! series. After it's release, Bang became Dragon Vomit Studio's offical mascot.


Bang the Robot is a hexagon shaped headed robot who lives in Oil Island with his pet robot, dog, Bark, not knowing his past. A evil, former science teacher, Professer Cornelious E. Plasmon created Bang, who was originally evil, until one of Plasmon's other inventions, Thrash pushed Bang out of the window because of his jelousy, which smashed up Bang's circuits and turned him good and made him forget all about his past. Plasmon has now made a deal with Bang that if Bang brings Plasmon eight secret files on how to destroy the world, Plasmon will give Bang all the cherries and oil he wants. However, they both have tricks up their metal sleeves.


The gameplay is described as a hybrid of Crash Bandicoot's, Spyro the Dragon's and Spongebob: Battle for Bikini Bottom's gameplays. You play as Bang and you start of in Plasmon's theme park where you can upgrade yourself and go on rides. Also, their is a cinema where you can watch cartoons and your best times and there is a airport (that you can ride) where you can acess areas .For each area, there are atleast ten characters to talk to, upgrades, over thirty challanges and a shop. Bang's abilites include; Fuel fist, neck stretch, plug lasso and limbo which can all be upgraded. Bang has three lives and the life bar is three eletrical sparks that is in between two batteries and there isn't any


chances, so if you die, there's no game over. Parts of Plasmon's theme park are later opened after you complete certain objectives, like a Boss area, a resturaunt and another area where you can create your own Protos and make them fight.


  1. Up, Down and Away- You must get to the top of many platforms.
  2. Water Travel- You ride a air bubble under and must get to the surface.
  3. Flyin' Mini- You must ride a jetpack and destroy all the enemies with a minigun.
  4. Bark Ride- You must survive number of obstacles while riding Bark.
    Ice city

    Ice City gameplay

  5. Bark Race- You must race agianst four other dogs while riding Bark.
  6. Clockworko- You must get to the top of a clockwork tower and ride a giant piece of the clockwork.
  7. Camera Catastrophe- You must take pictures of certain things.
  8. Limbo- You must limbo through many poles of doom.
  9. Beat em' up- You must beat up all the enemies in the way.
  10. Thrash Bash- You are controling Thrash and you must destory all of Plasmon's machines.
  11. Burn Baby BURN- You must use a flame thrower to burn down everything in your path.

    Thrash boss battle

  12. Climb-o-rama- You must climb to the top without falling.
  13. Space Salvation- You must destroy all the enemies in a spaceship.
  14. Colour Collect- You must collect all the colours for the colorless peacock.
  15. Pac-Bot- You play a Bang version of Pacman.
  16. Chicken Demon!- You must protect five chicken demons. Also, the chickens never stop moving.

    Momma Mia's Pizzary World of Pizza gameplay


    Land of the Depressed gameplay

  17. Free Ze Munkeeyz!- You must hit all the switches to free the machine gun Monkeys.

    Land of the Depressed gameplay (UPSIDE DOWN)

  18. Fire at Ze Munkeeyz!- You must defeat all the machine gun monkeys.
  19. Horze- You must ride a robot horse into rings.
  20. Hack 00843- You must hack into the systems and complete puzzles.
  21. Boss Fight- You must defeat the boss you are facing eg; Thrash, Yeti-Man.

Playable CharactersEdit

  • Bang- Bang's gameplay is the most common. It involves the a lot of jumping and dodging obstacles most of the time.
  • Bark- Bark's gameplay is very fast and Bang rides him and you can't stop runnig you can only move left or right.
  • Hero-Man- Hero-Man's gameplay is mainly 2D and filled with action and fighting.
  • Thrash- Bang gets inside Thrash and controls him. Thrash takes damage a lot more easily and he uses his cannon and fists.
  • Freakenstein- Bang forces Freakenstein to help him. He can slip threw cracks and use his eletrical rod.
  • Yeti-Man- Yeti-Man can walk on ice without falling or skating and he create earthquakes.
  • Momma Mia- Momma Mia can throw pizzas that trap enemies and she can use her giant spoon.
  • Vaccum- Vaccum uses his vacuum to suck in things or shoot them out.
  • Petite- Petite can use his extended arms to swing to other places or he can use them to pick up things.
  • Freddy Khatter- Freddy can turn into objects into like a storm cloud or a bat.
  • Proto 100- Proto 100 is very slow, but extremely powerful. He can fire rockets and fly aswell.




There are 8 main characters in the first game.

  • Bang the Robot- Bang is the main character of the game. Like in all the other games, Bang is very dim witted and cruel to most people. Bang's signature move is the Fuel Fist, where Bang puts his fist foward and he moves forward, while blue arua goes around him. Bang loves berries, oil and limboing.
  • Professer Cornelious E. Plasmon- Plasmon is the main antagonist of the game. He use to be a science teacher before he created Bang. Unlike his son, Plasmon is incredibly smart, wimpy, weak, grumpy and evil. He is so fat that his legs were cut off because of all the fat in them and they were replaced by very small wheels.
  • Bark Barkatron 5.3- Bark is Bang's pet robot, dog. He is very loyal to Bang. Bang can ride him like a horse. It is unknown where Bark came from, but it is rumored he is one Plasmon's inventions like Bang.
  • Thrash- Thrash is one of Plasmon's creations. Unlike Bang, he is incredibly strong and big, but like Bang, Thrash shares alot of Bang's moves and is very dopy and dim witted. Thrash has a cannon for a left arm and has spiky hair.
  • Freakenstein- Freakenstein is Professer Plasmon's asisstant. He is incredibly mad and evil. He usely says "A YEESS!!!" like that guy of Little Britain no remembers.
  • Petite- Petite is a tiny and angry french man who works for Professer Plasmon. He has extended arms that come out his sleeves.
  • Yeti-Man- Yeti-Man is a yeti who has many problems in his life.
  • Momma Mia- Momma Mia is a pizza chef and she owns Momma Mia's Pizzary World of Pizza.


As Bang goes through his journey, he meets many people. Some help him, some make it ten times worse.

Oil Mountain

  • The Colorless Peacock- This peacock is always losing his colors. He always asks you to get them back.
  • King Spitzington- King Spitzington is a chubby, small king that spits when he speaks because his cheecks are swollen.
  • Barksy- Barksy is a female robot dog who Bark is attracted to. Only Bark can understand her.

Bionic Beach

  • Regee- Regee is a jamacian, professional limbo dancer. He is great friend with Bang, as Regee teached Bang how to limbo.
  • R.O.G.E.R- R.O.G.E.R is a robot who works at Bionic Beach. He is also seen working with Bob Beachman. His name stands for Random Orignism Got Epic by Raffle.
  • Bob Beachman/Hero-Man- Bob is a surfer and life guard at Bionic Beach and he R.O.G.E.R at morn and day. But at night, he is Hero-Man, fearless city protecter.
  • The Sand Mole- A mole who lives and digs in sand. He can't talk, but the sand stops him from being blind.
  • Carl the Coral- Carl is... well, coral. He loves singing carols for some unkown reason.
  • Personal Peter- Peter is a crab who is very personal and he talks to himself uselly.
  • Steve- A weird sea star with shark's teeth.

Ice City


Momma Mia's Pizzary World of Pizza


V's Mansion


Land of the Depressed

  • Toothy- Toothy is a wierd creature with huge teeth and caries a huge tooth brush.
  • Vilgrom- Vilgrom is a poor man who caries a huge bag that caries unused things.
  • Proto 24- Proto 24 is a very nervous robot. He's always worried whatever happens around him.


Image Name Description Usage
Cherries Cherries Cherries are used as money and they slowly heal you. Very Common
Kiwi Kiwi Kiwis are worth ten cherries. Common
Oil Oil Oil fulls up your health bar by 100%. Common
Bomb Plasmon Bomb These bombs will take 25% of your life if touch them. Common
Pillows Pillows Pillows can make you bounce up, down, left and right. Common
Check Checkpoint If you touch as checkpoint sign and die, you will come back to the checkpoint. Common
Water tank Water tank Water tanks make you grow plungers on your hands and this will allow you to climb. Uncommon
Bubble Air bubble Air bubbles will allow you to travel through water and larva. Uncommon
Fire Flame thrower Flame throwers can burn everything in it's path. Uncommon
Mini Mini gun Mini guns can turn anything to tiny shreds. Uncommon
SPINACH Spinach Spinach makes you become very strong. Alot like Popeye. Too much like Popeye... Rare
Speed Speed upgrade This upgrade will improve Bang's speed. Common
Power Power upgrade This upgrade will improve Bang's strength. Common
Agility Agility upgrade This upgrade will improve Bang's agility. Uncommon
Life Life upgrade This upgrade will improve Bang's life. Common
Bronze Bronze Medal Bronze Medals are obtained by getting 3# time in challanges. Common
Silver Silver Medal Silver Medals are obtained by getting 2# time in challanges. Common
Gold Gold Medal Gold Medals are obtained by getting the 1# time in challanges. Common
File Secret File Secret Files are very rare. There are only eight in the enitre game and they can only be obtained by completing areas by 100%. Very Rare


There are eight areas in total. For each area is a boss, atleast three characters to talk to, a shop and thirty challanges.

Name Envioment Size
Oil Mountain Mountain Small
Bionic Beach Beach, rock Huge
Ice City Ice, snow Medium
Momma Mia's Pizzary World of Pizza Resturaunt Medium
V's Mansion Mansion Small
Land of the Depressed Fields, villiage Huge
Bang's Dream World Flat, undetailed Small
Plasmon Island Lab, robotic Huge
Bang's world

Bang's undetailed dream world


Image Thrash Freak Yeti-Man Momma Mia Vaccum Petite Freddy Plasmon
Name Thrash Freakenstein


Momma Mia


Petite Freddy Khatter Professer Plasmon/Proto 100
Area Oil Mountain Bionic Beach

Ice City

Momma Mia's Pizzary World of Pizza V's Mansion Land of the Depressed Bang's Dream World

Plasmon Island

Lives 5 10 4 3 8 35 10 5

Introduction Quote

"I'll mash you until you're mash potatoes!" "I must obey the master! MOO!" "Darn you! No more betraying! Once I defeat you, everyone will know not to betray YETI-MAN!" "Momma MIA! You've messed all me' pizzas up for thee last time, robot rat!" "My sanctuary! I'll turn you and your mutt into nothing!" None "You can run and hide in life, but in your dreams, YOU CAN ONLY DIE!" "That's it! Time to end what I started! I was always going to be your ultimate fate! BANG! THE ROBOT!"
End Quote "I went easy on you, probarly because the developers put the differculty for my boss on easy, but I'll return as boss the second game!" "GIDDY! Yoo beet ma! Much worse is to come, my pretty!" "Ok, you can have my cave, just don't go on my computer. I have some er... personal... stuff I don't want you looking at, SO don't touch my computer!" "Have the resturaunt! I'll just go back to my boyfriend, Dadda Dia." "Oh, poopinshurmt! I'll be back... After Lunch...." None "This is only the first nightmare, Bang..." "NO! Faith has fought against me!!! AAHH!!!"
Stratergy Thrash will keep doing his own Fuel Fist, until he gets tired and he will start to fire his cannon. He will then do the Fuel Slam and get his arm stuck and you can then hit him on the back. Freakenstein will do severeal different things to attemp to hit you. He will also throw his eletrical rod which you have to hit back at him. There are 12 floating pizzas that are the only things you can stand on. She will jump from each one, execpt for one, which you have to stand on and trick her into falling. After she falls, tomato sauce will rise and the pizza platforms will lead to the top where you must go to avoid the sauce. Once you reach the top, the sauce will go back down and everything will turn back to normal.



  • Cog Race
  • Jet and Mini
  • Bubble Race
  • Fight


  • Bang
  • Bark
  • Thrash
  • Professer Plasmon
  • Freakenstein
  • Yeti-Man
  • Momma Mia
  • Vaccum
  • Petite
  • Freddy Khatter



  • X: Jump
  • X+X: Double Jump
  • Square: Fuel Fist
  • Hold triangle: Plug Lasso
  • Circle: Limbo

Cheats codesEdit

  • Invinciblity- Slinky16
  • 100% Complete- Crayon79
  • Replace every cherry with kiwi- Madman58


  • Proto 1- A simple robot. Can only attack with it's hands.
  • Proto 2- Same as Proto 1, only he hovers and has a shotgun.
  • Proto 3- Same as Proto 2, only he has a bazooka instead.
  • Proto 4- Same to Proto 1, only it's legs and arms have fire coming out of them and the robots do cartwheels.
  • Pillow Blaster- A strange machine that fires Pillows.
  • Machine gun Monkey- A robotic monkey with a machine gun. They are uselly seen in higer areas.

    Here are the first drawings of the enemies

  • Bazooka Bot- A rectangle like robot, that fires homing missles. The only way to kill him, is to make him fire missles art himself.
  • Mobster Lobster- A robbing lobster. They hit you will money bags.
  • Pizza Cobra- A cobra made entirly of pizza. It makes you dizzy if you are attacked by it.

    Boss life bars

  • Depresso- A creature made of sad faces. It whales in pain and sorrow, creating soundwaves that can attack you.
  • Doodles- A creature made of Bang's imagination and crayon leads.
  • French Henchmen- Petite's henchmen. There are two types. One is small, but fast and one is big, but slow.
  • Blowie Billie- A sea creature that blows in whatever direction it's facing.
  • Winged Cows- A cow with wings that fly up and down. If you come in contact with them, you will lose a life.
  • Robo fish- A robotic fish found on bridges that fire lasers.
  • Wasps- Wasps are a nest of wasps trapped in a giant soda bottle. If the bottle is tipped over, the soda goes everywhere and the wasps become free.
  • Littlechaun- A rare leprechaun that fires rainbows from his pot of gold.

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